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Basic Policy for Profit Distribution
We regard the return of profits to shareholders as one of the important management issues. However, at present, we believe that we are in the process of growth expansion, working to strengthen our financial position and working to expand our business by working to enhance our internal reserves to strengthen our management base and actively develop our business. By allocating to capital investment, we believe that achieving further business expansion will lead to the greatest return of profits to our shareholders.
Therefore, no dividend will be paid, and for the time being we will continue to improve our internal reserves as working capital to expand purchases for growth and the like. In the future, we will plan to consider the return of profits to shareholders in the form of dividends, taking into consideration the financial situation and business results of each fiscal year, but at the moment, the implementation and timing of dividends etc. Is undecided.
In addition, when distributing surplus, our basic policy is to pay a year-end dividend, and the decision-making body for dividends is the general meeting of shareholders. The Articles of Incorporation also stipulate that the Company can pay interim dividends by resolution of the Board of Directors.
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June 30, 2020
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Shareholder Incentives
We haven’t carry out a shareholders incentives.