Corporate Governance

Measures to StakeholderIR Information

Measures to Vitalize the General Meeting of Shareholders and Smooth Exercise of Voting Rights

Supplementary Explanations

Early Notification of the General Meeting of Shareholders In order to make the General Meeting of Shareholders worthwhile and enable shareholders to submit their votes with no difficulties, MarketEnterprise plans to further improve the internal framework by speeding up settlement operations and sending meeting notices earlier.
Scheduling of the General Meeting of Shareholders to Avoid Peak Days As the fiscal year ends on June 30, it is possible to schedule the General Meeting of Shareholders that do not coincide with the peak of these meetings in Japan every year. Additional measures are taken regarding the date of these meetings in order to enable as many shareholders as possible to attend.
Allowing Electronic Exercise of Voting Rights MarketEnterprise uses an Internet shareholder voting system to improve convenience for shareholders.
Participation in Electronic Voting Platform and Other Measures for Greater Ease of Voting by Institutional Investors MarketEnterprise will consider other measures that can make voting even more convenient for shareholders.
Providing Convocation Notice in English For the convenience of shareholders, MarketEnterprise will consider the preparation of English-language notices.

IR Activities

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Preparation and Announcement of Disclosure Policy. MarketEnterprise will conduct extensive IR activities in a timely and proper manner for shareholders, investors and all other stakeholders. Please refer to here.
Regular Investor Briefings for Individual Investors MarketEnterprise is considering holding periodic explanatory meetings for individual investors to explain its financial results and management policy.
Regular Investor Briefings for Analysts and Institutional Investors MarketEnterprise holds earnings presentations for first half and fiscal year results of operations.In addition, we carry out individual interviews and conference calls.
Investor Briefings for Foreign Investors We carry out individual interviews and conference calls.
Posting of IR Materials on Website MarketEnterprise has an IR website to provide financial information, timely disclosure materials, earnings presentation materials and an IR schedule.
Establishment of Department and/or Manager in Charge of IR MarketEnterprise has established the IR Department under the direct supervision of the President and has a dedicated manager in charge of IR.

Measures to Ensure Due Respect for Stakeholders

Supplementary Explanations

Implementation of Environmental Activities, CSR Activities, etc. MarketEnterprise believes that conducting business activities that help create a society dedicated to recycling by extending the boundaries of “reuse,” the central theme of all MarketEnterprise business activities, contributes to protecting the environment. In addition, other CSR activities that reflect the distinctive characteristics of MarketEnterprise will be considered.
Development of Policies on Information Provision to Stakeholders MarketEnterprise recognizes that all listed companies have a responsibility to disclose corporation information to stakeholders in a timely and proper manner. To fulfill this obligation, there are measures to expand and upgrade the timely disclosure framework and to utilize the IR website for the fast, fair and accurate disclosure of corporate information.