Corporate Governance

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Internal Reporting System

In the Market Enterprise Group, in order to promptly detect, improve or prevent compliance risks in business activities, we have established a whistle-blowing contact where officers and employees can report and consult when they become aware of compliance violations or conduct that may violate them.

At the whistleblower section, they can directly consult with the director in charge of Administration Division, who is the compliance manager.

When operating the whistle-blowing counter, internal rules and regulations stipulate that the company will not receive any disadvantageous treatment due to confidential strict adherence or reporting. About the window, we are trying to keep employees informed by in-house training.

The number of reports and consultations in fiscal 2020 was three.
We will continue to conduct in-house well-known reports and case studies on consultations to strengthen the response system to reports.


We define BCP and revise it as necessary. As a result, in the event of a crisis that has a significant impact on the Company's business, the Crisis Countermeasures Headquarters will be promptly established to minimize losses and strive for early recovery.

Risk Management

Regarding the risks involved in the execution of our company, each department analyzes and identifies anticipated risks, Risk management personnel manage company-wide risks comprehensively and all-inclusive.