Management Policy

Medium-term Management PlanIR Information

Both the second-hand market and e-commerce (EC) market surrounding our group are expanding. To build a solid management base in that market and achieve sustained growth in the medium to long term, we have positioned as strategic investment periods for mid- to long-term leaps from the fiscal year ended June 2017 to the fiscal year ended 2018. The new revenue base created by these investments is gradually starting to contribute to earnings.

We divide our business area into the basic business of second-hand online, specialty products, and other new businesses.

1.Second-hand Online Business

In the fiscal year ended June 2018, we opened two second-hand purchasing bases in West Tokyo and Sapporo. As a result, the expansion of bases from Hokkaido to Kyushu has been almost completed. Going forward, we will focus on in-house system development and organizational structure. Through these effort, we aim for stable growth by enhancing productivity.

2.Specialty product purchase business

We are currently purchasing and selling agricultural machinery, construction machinery and medical equipment, that makes it difficult to enter into interpersonal transactions because of the need for specialized knowledge, and which can be expanded overseas. In this field, while deepening the expertise, we will conduct business development utilizing our strengths of a business model that combines IT and real, making a business trip to customers and making face-to-face purchases by attracting customers at our specialized site for purchasing.

3.New business

We are engaged in the delivery rental service, owned media, mobile communication service.

Future portfolio strategy

We aim to become a conglomerate group centered on the second-hand business. Therefore, we will make strategic investments in accordance with the following policy.
At first, we divide our business into "new business" and "base business". And in this, we divide into four of "expansion investment" and "support investment" further. This has clarified the strategies and tactics of each division. As a result, new business receives "support investment" and "expansion investment" and promote the transformation to new base business. We are also expecting further sustainable expansion of our existing businesses as a result of these investments.

By these things, we will promote the diversification of the revenue base and the sustainable growth of the existing business.

In strategic investment, we will pay attention to the cost of capital, and will invest in consideration of growth potential and risks.

Investment strategy