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Owned Media Media that you own and communicate to stakeholders such as your own website or blog
C to C Stands for Consumer to Consumer. Electronic commerce between general consumers. Auction sites, private nights, ride share, etc. can be mentioned as typical examples.
C to B Stands for Consumer to Business. A business model in which an individual consumer provides services to a company. For example, selling photos taken by individuals to companies.
C to B to C Consumer to Business to Consumer. It is a form of transaction conducted through a corporation rather than directly trading between individuals.
EC Electronic commerce. Online shop, online stock trading, auction site etc.
SEM Search Engine Marketing. It is a customer attraction policy to increase visitors to a website via a search engine.
SEO Search Engine Optimization. One of the methods of SEM. It is measured to be displayed in the upper rank when we perform keyword search with search engine through improving the quality of the content posted and optimizing the page technically.
Listing ads It is an advertisement of search linkage type. That is displayed according to the searched keywords. Charged each time a user is clicked. Typical examples include Google's "Google Ads" and Yahoo! JAPAN's "Yahoo! Promotional Ads".
Vertical Media A specialized media that specializes in one theme and pursues deeply.
Marketplace A trading market where sellers and buyers of goods and services can freely participate on the Internet.