Management Policy

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MarketEnterprise Group is developing Second-hand Online business, Media business and Mobile & Telecommunications business. Through its business operations, we aim to provide consumers with the best possible choice for their diverse needs. Amidst the current reevaluation of the way of life and lifestyle in our mass-production, mass-consumption, and mass-waste societies, our group is working to maximize our corporate value with the aim of becoming an "optimized trading company for the creation of Sustainable Society.

(1) Sustained expansion and improvement of productivity of Second-hand online business.

In order for MarketEnterprise Group to achieve sustainable growth, we recognize the importance of strengthening the purchase of goods in Second-hand Online business as a starting point for its business development.

We have been attracting customers through its own web marketing, expanding its business area for door to door and over-the-counter purchases through its purchasing base, expanding the number of product categories it handles, and building a foundation for collaboration with the "Oikura" reuse platform, which is a nationwide matching platform for buyers and sellers of second-hand products. We will continue to strengthen these efforts and enhance our purchasing capabilities.

In addition, we will continue to pursue customer and employee satisfaction and improve profitability through internal improvements such as further standardization and streamlining of business processes and automation of operations using the latest IT technologies.

(2) Enhance earnings by leveraging synergies with “Oikura”

In July 2020, we began full-scale cooperation between “Oikura” and “”, a comprehensive purchasing service. This will enable us to respond to as many purchase requests as possible by developing our nationwide network of recycle shops through "Oikura" to handle items (approximately 20,000 items per month) that were previously unavailable due to geographical and commercial restrictions.

In addition, for recycle shops across the country that are in a hurry to respond to digitalization due to the impact of COVID-19, it is now possible to attract customers via the Internet, which is an aspect of promoting business reform in response to the recent social situation.

In order to maximize these synergies, we will continue to invest proactively in IT and human resources and strive to improve profitability from a medium- to long-term perspective.

(3) Strengthen efforts on large commercial products such as agricultural equipment

MarketEnterprise Group has been expanding its handling of agricultural equipment and other products (including construction and medical equipment) as a strategic commercial product since 2017. In May 2020, we acquired a business in a consolidated subsidiary. With this acquisition, we acquired the cross-border e-commerce and overseas export functions and the Used Agricultural Equipment Market UMM (formerly JUM National Used Agricultural Equipment Market), one of the largest internet-based used agricultural equipment platforms in Japan.

In Japan, farmers are leaving farming due to old age, while overseas, Japanese agricultural machinery is very popular due to its high quality and durability. In the future, we will strive to improve profitability by strengthening cross-border e-commerce and overseas exports, as well as trading in used agricultural equipment through our platform.

(4) Further Improving the Profitability of Internet Media

In our media business, we provide consumers seeking smart consumption with useful information through eight web media that contributes to their consumption behavior. We will continue to strive to improve profitability by providing useful content and improving usability, as well as improving our ability to attract customers by making full use of the web marketing technology we have developed over the years.

(5) Strengthen Mobile & Telecommunications business

Our mobile & telecommunications business provides low-cost, simple, and straightforward mobile data communication services that help reduce communication expense. We will continue to strengthen its efforts to attract customers through proactive Web marketing aimed at acquiring new line subscriptions and provide more attractive services, including the expansion of its optional menu. By doing so, we will work to increase the number of lines it owns and improve its profitability.

(6) Increase the visibility of MarketEnterprise group and its services and increase the number of users

For MarketEnterprise Group to achieve sustainable growth, we recognize that it is essential to raise the profile of us and its services and to continue to attract new users. Therefore, we will raise the profile of the Company and its group services through effective advertising and media activities. In addition to this, we will enhance the coordination of our individual services to keep our users interested in our other services, and we will also work with a variety of businesses to attract new customers.

(7) Creating new businesses for further growth

Consumer needs for "smart consumption" change with the times, and we recognize the importance of developing new businesses that offer the best services and products to meet those needs. We will continue to develop new businesses that meet the various needs of users.

(8) Promote M&A and business alliances

We are currently diversifying our business with a focus on our three business segments, and we believe that further diversification of revenue opportunities is important for our future development. Therefore, we will promote M&A and business alliances in order to expand our existing businesses, acquire related technologies and enter into new businesses.

(9) Securing and training talented people and strengthening the organizational structure

MarketEnterprise Group recognizes that securing and training talented people is essential for further business expansion in the future. We will retain and enhance our human resources by revitalizing internal communications, developing a training system, and improving our benefits package, while actively recruiting. Through such efforts, we will continue to recruit excellent personnel who are in line with the Group's corporate philosophy and culture.

In addition, we will strengthen its organizational structure and implement optimal personnel assignments to ensure that it can maximize its capabilities as its business expands.

(10) Strengthening the business management system

MarketEnterprise Group is entering a period of diversification as it accelerates the development of new businesses and services in addition to its existing businesses. Under these circumstances, we recognize that further strengthening the management system to ensure fairness, transparency and continuity of management is an important issue.

In particular, the social environment has recently become unstable and uncertain due to the impact of COVID-19. In order to ensure the steady continuation of our business under these circumstances, we will strengthen measures to ensure the safety of our customers and employees, and actively promote a digital shift in our various operations. In addition, we will build a more transparent and sound business management system by regularly building and reviewing business processes that contribute to internal control.