Management Policy

Issues Facing the CompanyIR Information

We recognize the following conditions for sustainable growth.
・In the second-hand online business, which is our main business, aim to steadily expand business by providing more reliable and convenient services to both sellers and buyers.
・Realize further growth through proactive investment in new businesses such as the owned media business and the telecommunications business, which contributed to earning profits from the current fiscal year.
To that end, we will actively work on the following four issues and build a stronger management base.

(1) Sustained expansion and improvement of productivity of Second-hand online business.

To sustainable expand the online reuse business, which is the foundation of our group, it is a prerequisite to further strengthen product purchases that are the starting point. To that end, Our Group has simultaneously carried out horizontal development (expansion of business trip and over-the-counter purchase areas by opening new bases) and vertical expansion (expansion of product categories). We will further strengthen these efforts and expand our purchasing base.

On the other hand, By carrying out internal improvement activities such as further improvement of usability, further standardization / efficiency of a series of processes from purchase to sales, and automation of operations using IT incorporating the latest technology, we will pursue the satisfaction of both customers and employees and strive to improve profitability.

(2) Expand profit base through proactive investment to create synergies between new and existing business

In February 2019, we took over the “Oikura” business through an absorption-type split. We will strengthen cooperation between this service and second-hand online business, which is an existing service, and aim to increase product handling volume by acquiring more purchase requests. Until now, there have been many requests that our company cannot deal with directly due to regional and commercial restrictions. As a result, we were forced to refuse the purchase request. We will send these requests to member stores (second-hand brick and mortar shops) nationwide via “Oikura”, aiming to strengthen the response to purchase requests for customers and to monetize these requests that have not been profitable.

In order to create these synergies, we will actively invest in IT and human resources to improve profitability from a medium- to long-term perspective.

(3) Recruitment and development of human resources and reinforcement of the organizational

We will work on various measures, including solving the issues mentioned above. However, we recognize that it is essential to secure and develop excellent human resources to achieve this. In the face of intensifying competition for talented human resources, we will work to retain human resources and raise their abilities by activating internal communications, improving the educational system, and enhancing employee benefits. At the same time, we will increase the number of human resources in line with our corporate philosophy and culture through active recruitment activities. In addition, we will endeavor to reinforce the business operation system as a whole in order to build an organizational structure in response to the expansion of business.

(4) Build up internal management system

We will continue to take on the challenge of expanding our business in the future, but we recognize that it is necessary to further strengthen our internal management system as one of the basic conditions. In order to accelerate the development of various businesses and services, and to reach a diversified period, the business process construction and review for internal control promotion are regularly performed, leading to more transparent and sound business operations.
We will steadily work to resolve these issues to be addressed with the aim of achieving sustainable growth in the future. Therefore, we ask for the continued support of our shareholders.