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Toward "Optimized trading company"

First, I would like to thank all our shareholders for their strong ongoing support.

The MarketEnterprise group has positioned the previous two periods (FY2017 and FY2018) as a strategic investment period for medium- to long-term growth, and has implemented various measures.
(1) In the second-hand online business,
  ・Establish purchasing bases in West Tokyo and Sapporo.
  ・Started purchasing specialized products such as agricultural, construction, and medical equipment.
  ・Promote IT usage of purchase operations such as automation of assessment operations and improvement of usability at service sites.
(2) In the media business, incubate business development such as launching owned media
(3) In the telecomunication business, established MEmobile Co., Ltd. as a consolidated subsidiary that conducts MVNO (virtual mobile communications business) business specializing in used equipment.

In the FY2019, we achieved record high sales and profits due to the growth of the business we cultivated during the investment period.

On the other hand, in addition to acquiring “Oikura Business”, which operates a second-hands general information site, in February 2019 from Proto Corporation, we obtained a comparison media about budget SIMs and smartphones. “SIMCHANGE” from ENECHANGE Ltd. in August 2019.We have invested in these for future profits.

We are moving from an age of mass production and mass consumption to an era in which consumers are taking a more deliberate and individualist approach, comparing prices, choosing goods and services carefully, and sometimes buying and selling their belongings. To support this shift, we aim to grow significantly as an “optimized trading company" that provides various “smart consumption” options.

We humbly ask for the further support and encouragement of our shareholders.

August 2019
President and CEO
Yasushi Kobayashi