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To be an Optimized Trading Company for the creation of Sustainable Society

I would like to thank all our shareholders for their strong ongoing support.We would also like to express my sympathy to those who have been affected by COVID-19. In addition, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the medical professionals and other people who support the social infrastructure.

Our group celebrated the 15th anniversary of its establishment on July 7, 2021. Since establishment, our company has focused on the purchase and sale of used goods we have grown against the backdrop of market expansion in both second-hand and e-commerce markets. After being listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Mothers market, the company is now developing various businesses with the vision of becoming an "To be an Optimized Trading Company for the creation of Sustainable Society " that provides the best consumption options for consumers who are seeking diversified and smart consumption.

Our group was able to change its listing market to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in February 2021. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our shareholders and other stakeholders for their support. In addition, in August 2021, we formulated a medium-term management plan with the goal of "building a corporate structure that earns a total of 2.5 billion yen in operating profit for two fiscal years," .We will continue to promote our business with the goal of further growth in the future.

The goals of the medium-term management plan are as follows

(1) The mainstay Second-hand business for individual will return to a growth phase

(2) Put the machinery business, mainly agricultural machinery, on track for full-scale growth in sales and profits

(3) Shift "Oikara" to the phase of business scale expansion

(4) In the media business, we will aim to establish a stable profit structure

(5) In the mobile communications business, focus on building up future earnings and shift to a stock-type business

Today, the era of mass production and mass consumption has come to an end, and we live in an age that demands smart consumption, with price-comparative consumption and the use of second-hand goods becoming more common due to the secondary distribution of various products.

By providing a variety of solutions, we will continue to develop our business in order to play a role in the realization of the Circular Economy, one of the goals of the SDGs, the current global trend. We sincerely hope that our shareholders and investors will continue to give us further guidance and encouragement.

August 2021
President and CEO
Yasushi Kobayashi