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QWhen was MarketEnterprise established?
AThe date of establishment is July, 2006.
QWould you tell me about a company profile.
APlease refer to Corporate Profile page.
QCan you tell me about main business?
APlease refer to Our Business page.
QWhat would you do for Corporate Governance?
APlease refer to Corporate Governance page.
QWhat accounting standard do you adopt?
AWe adopt Japan GAAP.
QWhen is an accounting period?
AIt is the end of June every year. About the achievements, We disclose it quarterly.
QWhere can I see the most recent financial information?
APlease see the Financial Highlights page.
QWhat are the major risk factors that may affect your performance?
APlease see the Risk Factors page for this information.
QPlease provide Indices of financial performance.
AThis information is on the Management Indices page.
QI want to see information about past performance and other subjects of interest to investors.
AA variety of information for investors is available on the IR Library page.
QIs the trading unit several stocks?
AIt is 100 stocks.
Qwhere is the stock traded?
AOur stock has been traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers.
QWhat is the stock code? Where can I see basic information about the shares?
AThe stock code is 3135. Please see the Stock Information page for more information.
QWhen is a general shareholders meeting ?
APlease see the Shareholders‘ Meeting page and IR Calendar page for this information.
QCan I exercise voting rights via the Internet?
AYes. Please refer to the Shareholders‘ Meeting page for details.
QI would like to know about distribution of shares.
APlease see the Shareholder Information page for this information.
QWhat is your policy for dividends and other benefits for shareholders?
APlease see the Distribution of Profits page for this information.
QPlease tell us the status of the stock split.
AAs of February 13, 2014, a two-for-one stock split was implemented for each common share.As of March 11, 2015, we carried out a stock split of 500 shares per common share. As of March 11, 2015, we carried out a stock split of 500 shares per common share. A two-for-one stock split was implemented as of January 1, 2016 for each common share.