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The Marketenterprise Group's main business is the second-hand online business (purchasing and selling second-hand products online without second-hand brick-and-mortar shops), and is developing business to realize an "optimized trading company" that offers the best options for consumers seeking diversified consumer behavior and smart consumption.

In the current fiscal year (ended June 2019), strategic upfront investments in the past two periods (FY2017 and FY2018) were successful, and significant growth and profitability of new businesses were achieved. In addition to this, the expansion and efficiency of existing businesses led to a significant increase in profits.

In the next fiscal year (ending June 2020), maintain profitability while continuing to make profits from new businesses, including services added through business acquisitions, and to actively invest in and expand existing businesses We will aim for the development.

FY2019 Earnings Forecast(Aug 14, 2019)

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FY2019 Result

FY2020 Forecast

YoY change

YoY rate of change

Net sales





Operating profit





Ordinary profit





Profit attributable to owners of parent





Reasons for revisions
Net sales:
・Owned media business, which was newly developed in the current fiscal year and has contributed significantly to profits since the third quarter,is expected to contribute to the full year.
・The number of purchase requests is expected to increase due to the synergies between "Oikura", which was succeeded in the absorption-type split in February 2019, and existing businesses.
・Based on the above, net sales are expected to be 10 billion yen.

SGA and Operating profit
・Efficiency can be expected by further standardization of operations in existing businesses and continued internal improvements by promoting IT measures
・Fixed costs such as personnel expenses and rents will increase as the business expands.
・Investing to express synergies between new businesses and existing businesses, with a focus on "Oikura"
・Based on the above, the SGA ratio to sales is expected to remain almost the same as the current fiscal year. As a result, operating income is expected to be 600 million yen.

Non-operating profit and loss, Ordinary profit
・Subsidy income is expected as non-operating income, but interest expenses are expected as non-operating expenses.
・Based on the above, ordinary profit is expected to be 602 million yen.

Extraordinary income / loss and Profit attributable to owners of parent
・No extraordinary income or loss is expected.
・Therefore, net income is expected to be 270 million yen, after subtracting tax expenses and net income attributable to non-controlling interests from profit before income taxes of 602 million yen.

※Notes on Earnings Forecast
Forecasts are based on information currently available to MarketEnterprise. Actual performance may differ from these forecasts for several reasons.