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We are developing new structures to facilitate business in the growing second-hand and e-commerce markets.

Annual Sales

Second-hand Online Business

Automation and a Personal Touch

We combine in-house technology and a personal touch to provide a friendly customer experience.
To respond to any questions and put customers at ease, we operate call centers and second-hand purchasing centers, which serve as bases for purchasing all over Japan.
In addition, we have developed a product database system, which assesses purchases, and an inventory interlocking system, which manages exhibitions simultaneously across multiple marketplaces.

We have built and operate 30 purchase sites in-house.

We field 46,000 purchasing requests each month due to the effective use of search engine marketing (search engine optimization, listing advertisements).
March 2019 results:
・Users:3,100 thousand people in total
・Monthly purchase request:40,000
・The average unit sales price:Approximately 32,000 yen
・Customer satisfaction:99.50%("Yahuoku!" Cumulative evaluation as of the end of June 2018)

Private service "Private Buyer"

We provide the purchase service for important things such as the proud collection and the inheritance of familiar people , a very meditative thing.
・One person in charge of full-time support
・We can buy high-priced items and highly specialized products
・Providing reliable services as a listed company

Sales and purchase service "ReRe"

Integrated second-hand shopping site
It is one of the largest second-hand product EC sites in Japan. We sell not only second-hand products such as home appliances and cameras and musical instruments, but also new, unused and outlet products.

Delivery Rental Service "ReRe rental"

Delivery rental service with rich lineup.
You can choose from a wide selection of products and rent them from the 3 nights 4 days to your preferred time period. It is possible to deliver to not only home but also travel destinations and event venues. For corporate users, we support long-term, multiple product rental and postpaid.

Second-hand Business for professional

Agricultural equipment
While the number of detached workers increased due to the aging of farmers, support for farming by national policies is becoming active.
Under these circumstances, we are developing services to meet the need to dispose of agricultural machinery and to buy cheaply.
Construction equipment
The need for Japanese-made construction machines is increasing in developing countries due to high quality and ease of use. Using our purchasing power, we also supply the ALLSTOCKER market, a specialized marketplace occupied by overseas buyers.
Medical equipment
In the developing world, “medical refugees” caused by the lack of advanced medical devices are developing into international issues. We will contribute to the improvement of the global level of medical care by popularizing used medical devices with high quality and low price.

A nationwide matching platform for buyers and sellers of second-hand products

This site allows you to make bulk estimates for second-hand brick-and-mortar shops across the country.
You can make assessment requests to multiple second-hand brick-and-mortar shops simply by writing the information on the secondhand items you want to sell.

Media Business

We have these media in the keenly interested field to supply information for smart consumers.

Information website of iPhone, Wi-Fi, WiMAX

You can understand the latest information and knowhow to choose various services about iPhone, Wi-Fi, WiMAX.

Media you can find your hobbies

Through "Beginners", you can find your hobbies and get help to start. "Beginners" provides tips on how to enjoy your hobby for a long time, such as how to start your hobby, the tools you need, and an explanation of the points at which beginners are likely to fail.

Second-hand media that understand how to buy, sell and dispose

It is a second-hand media that provides information on how to buy, sell and dispose of everything. We are releasing information that changes our mindset of throwing away the unneeded supplies.

Information media about budget SIM and smartphones

We send the Information so that everyone can use smartphones comfortably at reasonable communication charges and speeds. A budget SIM and smartphone general information website that aims to create a better future for communications.

One of the largest outlet mall information media in Japan

In addition to general information on over 40 major outlet malls in Japan, it covers information on individual shops in the mall.

Mobile & Telecommunication Business

We sell WiMAX and MVNO through online.
In addition to MVNO, which specializes in second-hand mobile devices, we operate low-cost data communication services.

Second-hand mobile devices & Low-cost data communication services

We sell a set of second-hand mobile devices that can be selected from up to 200 types and low-cost data communication services.
As we will deliver you an APN setup device, you can use it as soon as it arrives.

Low cost mobile WiFi

We offer wireless Internet connection service using WiMAX 2+ link at low price.

Main Prizes

The Best Awards at Yahuoku! BEST STORE AWARDS 2018
Director's Award of Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN
EY Entrepreneur of The Year 2013 Japan
EY Job Creation 2013, 2014, 2015
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Deloitte Technology Fast50 in 2015, 2016, 2017
Deloitte EMEA Technology Fast500 in 2015, 2016, 2017