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We are a multifaceted business to be an Optimized Trading Company for the creation of Sustainable Society.

Annual Sales

Second-hand Online Business

Convergence of IT and real business

We combine in-house technology and a personal touch to provide a friendly customer experience.
In order to provide our customers with peace of mind, we operate our own call centers and purchase base throughout Japan.
In addition, we have also developed a product database for price assessment and an inventory management system to list items in multiple marketplaces simultaneously.

We build and operate many buyback websites in-house.

With the effective operation of SEM (SEO, listing ads), we receive many purchase requests from all over Japan via the Internet.

A nationwide matching platform for buyers and sellers of second-hand products

This is a site where you can get an estimate for the bulk purchase of used goods
to recycle stores throughout Japan.
Simply enter the information of the item you want to sell, and you can request
an appraisal from multiple recycle stores.

Private service "Private Buyer"

This is a private service for customers who have trouble choosing a place to sell their prized collection, a loved one's inheritance, and other important or deeply held objects.
・A dedicated staff member will consistently respond to you
・High value and highly specialized products are also supported
・Listed companies provide reliable services

Sales and purchase service "ReRe"

Integrated second-hand shopping site
This is one of Japan's largest used goods e-commerce sites, dealing in a variety of categories. We sell used appliances, cameras and musical instruments, as well as new, unused and outlet products.

Second-hand Business for professional

Agricultural equipment
While the number of farmers leaving farming due to the aging of the population is increasing, the government's support for farmers is gaining momentum. Our company is developing a service that meets the needs of those who want to sell or buy agricultural equipment at a low price.
Construction equipment
Due to the high quality and ease of use, the demand for Japanese construction equipment is increasing in developing countries. We also supply our products to "ALLSTOCKER MARKET", a specialized marketplace for overseas buyers.
Medical equipment
"Medical refugees" due to the lack of advanced medical equipment, mainly in developing countries, have become an international issue. We contribute to the improvement of global medical care standards by promoting high-quality and affordable used medical equipment.

Media Business

In order to provide information to the "smart consumer", we have media in areas of consumer interest.

Owned Media

Information website of iPhone, Wi-Fi, WiMAX
We provide the latest information and recommendations on how to choose various services.
A media site for people starting a new hobby
Media for people looking for and starting a new hobby. It introduces tips on how to enjoy the hobby for a long time, including explanations of the necessary tools and points where beginners are likely to make mistakes.
Second-hand media that understand how to buy, sell and dispose
It is a second-hand media that provides information on how to buy, sell and dispose of everything. We are releasing information that changes our mindset of throwing away the unneeded supplies.
Information media about budget SIM and smartphones
We send the Information so that everyone can use smartphones comfortably at reasonable communication charges and speeds. A budget SIM and smartphone general information website that aims to create a better future for communications.
One of the largest outlet mall information media in Japan
In addition to general information on more than 40 of Japan's major outlet malls, the site also includes information on the individual stores that are located in the malls.


One of the nation's largest marketplaces specializing in used agricultural equipment and agricultural information media
We operate one of the largest used farm equipment marketplaces in Japan,
"Used Farm Equipment Market UMM," which has a total of about 750 farm
equipment stores and 5,000 farmer members throughout Japan, and has a
rich track record of about 20,000 transactions.
We also operate an agricultural information media.
One of the largest repairer information platforms in Japan
Provides information on repair companies for a variety of commercial products,
including iPhone and Android smartphones, PCs, appliances, watches, branded goods,
cars, and home equipment. It also provides useful information on how to deal with
malfunctions and the repair process.

Mobile & Telecommunication Business

We sell WiMAX and MVNO through online.
In addition to MVNO, which specializes in second-hand mobile devices, we operate low-cost data communication services.

Second-hand mobile devices & Low-cost data communication services

We sell a set of second-hand mobile devices that can be selected from up to 200 types and low-cost data communication services.
As we will deliver you an APN setup device, you can use it as soon as it arrives.

Low cost mobile WiFi

We offer wireless Internet connection service using WiMAX 2+ link at low price.

Main Prizes

Chairman's Award of SME SUPPORT JAPAN at Japan Venture Award 2015
EY Entrepreneur of The Year 2013 Japan
EY Job Creation 2013, 2014, 2015
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Deloitte Technology Fast50 in 2015, 2016, 2017
Deloitte EMEA Technology Fast500 in 2015, 2016, 2017
The Best Awards at Yahuoku! BEST STORE AWARDS 2018
The Best Awards at Yahuoku! BEST STORE AWARDS 2019