Corporate Governance

Basic PolicyIR Information

Basic View

Since its inception, MarketEnterprise has been guided by the management philosophy of “doing business that creates win-win relationships and remaining a key organization that truly enjoys its business activities.” To accomplish this goal, the basic stance is to manage operations with outstanding fairness and transparency as well as speed and efficiency. There are a small number of Directors in order to make decisions quickly, a rigorous compliance system for the entire organization, including the oversight of management by executives, extensive disclosure activities and other measures for building sound relationships with all stakeholders. This includes shareholders, customers, business partners, the public, employees and others. The objective is to conduct business activities that increase corporate value from a long-term perspective.

Reasons for Adoption of Current Corporate Governance System

MarketEnterprise is a company with an Audit & Supervisory Board and has established a sound management structure by supervising the soundness of management and the performance of Directors. External Audit & Supervisory Board Members who are independent of MarketEnterprise and have professional expertise ensure that management is highly transparent. For these reasons, MarketEnterprise has selected the current corporate governance system.